Jake’s Seafood House, Rehoboth – July 2015

Laura and I went to Jake’s Seafood house in Rehoboth, Delaware.  They have a great surf and turf menu with a light, fresh flare.  In past years they had a gluten free menu, but not this time; dispite the menu not changing.  If you’re concerned about an item, just ask.

Jakes on Rt 1 in Rehoboth

Rehoboth has a ton of dining options available from counter service to fine dining.  We find Jakes to be a favorite for us.  We’ve enjoyed eating there when we’re in town and tonight was no exception.

dinner at Jakes

Dayboat Scallops, broccoli, and sweet potato fries are my favorite.  The scallops are served in butter with seasoning.  The broccoli is fresh and great for dipping in the scallop’s sauce.  The sweet potato fries come with a honey mayonnaise sauce which is a great compliment taste for the scallops (we substituted mash potatoes for this).  A Yingling beer for me to make the meal complete.

They had live music tonight that wasn’t bad.  Old country favorites; Not too loud or obnoxious. 

We will definitely continue to visit Jakes whenever we’re in town.

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