Spontenaity and Ice Cream….

As much as I’d like to always be 100% paleo, I just can’t do it while traveling. Besides, I like to be human and experience the same things as my standard American diet eating co-humans.   So how do you do it?  And worse still, how to you plan to be spontaneous with it?  I have learned that you can be spontaneous, to an extent. You just have to change your spontaneity just a little. I know that my days of buying an ice cream while walking down he boardwalk are gone- at least for now. Maybe the world will one day have alternatives.  Sometimes I am lucky (and brave) enough to try a sorbet (some still contain dairy- and it’s hard to know w/o eating). Also, btw and snow conesyryps can have gluten, too.  So for severe allergies- proceed with these options with caution. But the one place that I can typically satisfy a need for ice cream on short notice- grocery stores!  They are my new favorite drop in spot.  So with the tiniest inkling that this evening would be a good one to have a little ice cream (while watching 4th of July fireworks)- I decided on the way back to the hotel from the beach- we stopped off at the grocery store for a pint. I considered also buying paper bowls or screw top disposable bowls, but with only two of us, we will do the romantic thing and share right out of the carton.  So spoons (which I actually try to keep a few in my cooler), and a pint and a ziplock (to contain the mess- also try to keep a few stocked in the cooler) and I’m good to go.  And it was phenomenal!  Not quite the same as buying it from a shop, but probably cheaper, and as it turned out- we were the only ones eating ice cream- so we looked like we knew how to party (and we do!) 

Oh, and if you are ever in Rehoboth, DE- let me spare you some of the grocery store scavenger hunt- skip Giant and Safeway.  Go to Foodlion.  The Dairy Free ice cream is in the “health food” section.  


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